Dead Eye: Vengeance

Short Film by Kyle Hogan Bennett

When his brother was groomed into a criminal gang a decade ago, and then killed, Dead-Eye’s mission became clear: Vengeance

Starring Kyle Hogan Bennett, Jack Miller White, Alannah Flood Magennis, Courtney Dunne, Senan Donnelly Lara Murphy, Ryan McCarron, Garda Rob Rowe, Edward Enunwa, Sarah Whelan, Shannon Fallon, Kim Donnelly, EmilyLee Duff

Helen News

Short Film by Kyle Hogan Bennett

While making Dead-Eye: Vengeance, Kyle created alter Ego Helen White, and made the Helen's Hole spin off.

Helen's Hole News by Helen White keeps everyone informed on all current affairs. What makes her stand out is her sassy way of media.

Starring Kyle Hogan Bennett, Shannon Fallon, Alannah Flood Magennis, Lara Murphy, Construction Worker