2019 Catalogue

2018/19 brought together young people and youth workers from SWAN Regional Youth Service, Lourdes Youth and Community Service and Ballybough Youth Project, along with artist in residence, Shireen Shortt and artist Edel Byrne to produce ambitious, challenging and unique artworks.

This year, for the first time, we introduced peer mentorship to the programme. We began with training for our Artistic Mentors, who had each previously created artistic work, through What’s Your Issue: Colourful Youth and/or Reckless. While continuing to shape their own distinct arts practices they have both supported younger participants to produce work, and created their own artworks for exhibition.

The next stage in the process was to welcome a new group of young people interested in exploring issues they are affected by through artistic mediums they selected. Young people were given the space to explore issues and critically reflect on the impact those issues have on them, their peers and their communities. This exhibition explores themes of homelessness, racism, domestic violence, mental health, littering, drug use and drug crime. These issues are explored through various traditional, digital and experimental mediums including film, photography, painting, drawing, mixed media, upcycling and mirror engraving.

The work was exhibited in Croke Park and in D-Light Studios in May 2019.

Each artwork is available to view in more detail by clicking the image provided.

A Broken Light

Short film by Thomas Arkins Walsh

Robbie is suffering; broken by a pain nobody ever saw… and he’s ready to give up.

Watch the film here

Through the Eyes of a Child

Photography Series by Carolann O’Keeffe

A photography series about the ways children can witness and/or experience different kinds of abuse in the home.

View the work here

Look into Our Lives

Mirror Engraving by Paul Costello

This work uses mirror engraving to reflect the complexity of understanding people’s mental health journeys. The concept is to bring forth people’s mental state and show that what we see on the outside is not always the same thing that’s on the inside, and that no two people’s mental health is the same. We could be classed as being normal, but that is just what people see on the outside. What’s going on inside is completely different.

View the work here

Light at the Darkest Hour

Photography Series by Gaurav Ramsurn

This photography series uses long exposure night photography to write with light and partially expose subjects. The work aims to capture the mental health struggles of young people that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

View the work here

The Crying War II

Short Film by Darragh Flood

The cycle of revenge continues in the inner city. Everyone’s watching every move… but doing nothing.

Watch the film here

The New Boy

Short Film by Dylan Gray & Zinedin Labelle starring Zinedin Labelle and Carolann O'Keeffe.

It’s hard enough being the new boy without the struggle of racism and bullying. Can the new boy face the challenge?

Watch the film here

Teddy Bears’ Pick’N’Mix

Assemblage Art by Amber D’Arcy

Witnessing drug use ruins playgrounds for children. Is there room for childhood among the drugs?

View the work here

Recycling Comes in All Ways

Mixed media upcycled art by Katelyn Keogh

Mixed media upcycled art about the endless cycle of littering in north Dublin’s inner city.

View the work here

Hidden Struggles

Paintings by Billie O’Brien

A series of paintings exploring different issues faced by people in her community, but kept hidden from view.

View the work here

Abuse at Home

Mixed Media by Jamielee Kelly

The perfect home isn’t so perfect. Take a second look…

View the work here

What’s that rubbish?

Mixed media upcycled art by Lauren Bewley, Zoe McNally, Evan Cashen

This art piece explores littering in the community where the young people live. The group experimented with recycled material to create their exhibition piece.

View the work here

One Good Turn

Short Film by Demi Duffy starring Emily Lee Duff

The story of a young woman’s experience of homelessness and the impact of a kind gesture from a stranger.

View the film here

Torn Down

Photography Series by Aaron Connolly

Photography series documenting the demolition of two inner city communities: Croke Villas and O’Devaney Gardens.

View the work here

City by Day & Night

Photography Series by Kayla Deery, Dylan Gray & Zinedin Labelle

Photographic series documenting the city by day and night. This series is the first from this group of beginner photographers.

View the work here

Special Mentions…

Throughout this programme, there were a number of young people who shared their experience and knowledge with our young artists: Claudio, Tamzin, Aaron, Sophie G, Casey, Leteisha and Sophie M. Their time was invaluable, and we thank them immensely! They are continuing to develop their own artistic practices, working on projects that will be exhibited, shared or performed in different ways in the future.